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DONA certified postpartum doula care serving families on the seacoast of New Hampshire and Southern Maine.

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What is a postpartum doula?

A postpartum doula is a trained professional who understands the individualized needs of mothers, fathers, and families, during the fourth trimester and beyond. A postpartum doula may provide physical, emotional, and informational support to the family to help them during the busy times after a new baby enters the home.

Some of the different ways a postpartum doula can help is through:

  1. Emotional Support
  2. Physical Support/Comfort
  3. Self-Care
  4. Infant Care
  5. Informational Support
  6. Advocacy
  7. Referrals to other professionals
  8. Partner Support
  9. Sibling Support
  10. Support for extended family (including pets)
  11. Household Organization


My role as a Postpartum Doula

My main focus as a postpartum doula is to help Mom adjust to being a Mom in Body, Mind and Spirit in the first three months after birth (also known as the Fourth trimester). I serve new and growing families with skilled and nurturing postpartum doula care in their first days, weeks and months postpartum in Dover, Portsmouth, and Berwick. 

As a postpartum doula I provide non-medical support and offer evidence based information on issues during the postpartum period. I assist with meeting mom’s needs so she can focus on baby. Many changes happen with the birth of a baby and postpartum doula care can help families adjust to those changes by nurturing and offering non-judgmental support.

Services include light housework and tidying up, simple meal preparations, running errands, guidance with newborn care, breastfeeding and/or bottle-feeding support.

My role as your postpartum doula is to help your family adjust to bringing home your new baby, allowing you to ease into parenthood! It is a privilege to support you during this exciting and nervous time for your new family.

It is a privilege to support you during this exciting and nervous time for your new family.

Is Postpartum Doula Care the right choice for your family?

It is my personal belief that anyone that has recently welcomed a new baby into their home and family can benefit from the support that a postpartum doula supplies. The first few months after new baby is a major time of transition, a period where normal routines are destroyed and new ones created, and a time where chaos reigns. Even those most prepared can be a loss of control and power over their situation. It can be extremely helpful to have someone in your home to guide you through this time. 

Some new parents will say that they don’t need a doula because their partner, or spouse, or parent, will be home with them to help with the transition. While this is extremely thoughtful and can be very helpful, it does not change the need you may have for a doula. The training a doula receives allows them to provide support and evidence-based intervention, rather than the opinion of a family member, that allows you as the parent to make your own educated decisions regarding your new baby. Doulas also have experience and training in helping moms with the emotional transition that comes with bringing a new baby into the home, as well as a plethora of knowledge on baby caring skills and providing support with breastfeeding, latching, swaddling, and so much more!

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