Why I Love Essential Oils for Home and Health

essential oils doverA couple of years ago a friend of mine told me about an essential oil her friend was using to clean with and I was instantly intrigued. I have never liked the odor and smell of the cleaners I had and knew I wanted a change so I tried Doterras therapeutic grade lemon essential oil and I was hooked! The smell was delightful and I didn’t mind cleaning with it, in fact I cleaned more than ever! Not only was it safe for my family to breathe, I also wasn’t nervous about preparing foods on my kitchen counter after using it.

Essential oils for your home

I had found a new project and that was to get rid of all my toxic cleaners and swap them out with natural cleaners using essential oils and I love a project! Now I am happy to say I have a toxic, chemical free house of cleaning products, but it didn’t happen over night. It takes time and finding what works right for you. I like to try new recipes and test them out before depending on them for the long haul. What I did learn, is that you don’t need many ingredients to make natural cleaners, usually, you have all of them right in your kitchen pantry.

Essential oils for your familiy

Now I had wished I knew about essential oils when my children were small. I could have used lavender oil for my cracked nipples and my two bouts of mastitis or Geranium and Helichrysum as a peri mist. How about all the alternatives recipes for baby care products? There is so much out there and I believe it is never too late to introduce essential oils and I am here to help you.